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Microporous Plastic Products - Porous Tubular Products

Pore Technology, Inc. Microporous Tubular Products

Porous Tubular Products


Pore Technology manufacturers a wide scope of custom porous tubes, in varying sizes and performance characteristics. Our tubes are primarily made from polyethylene and polypropylene, but other resin types are available such as PTFE and PVDF. We’ve been making seamless porous tubing and pipe for over 30 years,

Are tubular products are separated into two main categories, Schedule pipe and custom tubes.

Schedule pipe is currently produced in ¾”, 1”, and 2” sizes, and is made in either 20 micron or 40 micron HDPE. Please inquire for special resins or porosities.

Custom tubes is a large part of our business and one of our oldest products. We specialize in seamless tubes using proprietary molding technology. Our capabilities include sizes from 1/8” diameter all the way to 40” diameter tubes, with wall thicknesses from 0.050” to 1”.

Custom features include:

Threads =  We can mold threads directly into the tubes themselves or mold solid attachments that can either be welded or glued together.

Resins  = HDPE is our standard resin choice for its durability and wide porosity range, but we can also make parts from UHMWPE, PP, PTFE, and other engineered plastics.

Porosity = Porosity for many of the resins can be significantly adjusted, anywhere from 5 micron up to 250 micron (depending on wall thickness and resin selection).

Additives = Additional chemical components can be mixed with the resin to improve part performance. Additives for increasing resistance to UV, visual identification (to differentiate 5 micron for say 40 micron parts), self sealing, etc..