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Pore Technology, Inc.

Design Prototyping and Production

Pore Technology Design Prototyping Production

Our design capabilities are focused on minimizing the tooling requirements versus unit pricing. We are able to tailor the best plastic resin for the customer’s requirements.


Applications of our porous products include:

  • venting

  • wicking

  • filtration – with applications including water, air, steam, and harsh chemicals.

  • sparging

  • mufflers and silencers

  • membrane support

  • aeration and fluidization


Prototyping is a logical step when a customer is in the early stages of product development or part replacement. We are committed to providing this service at the lowest cost and fastest turnaround time. Properly conceived, a prototype program can prove a design concept, but of more importance, can provide parts for determining market acceptance.

Production manufacturing for large quantities or for sophisticated applications are both natural outputs from our facilities. Quality is the guide-line of our personnel with delivery schedules that our production will accomplish. At the root of all of our capabilities is a quick reaction time - so that the customer can rely on early answers and deliveries.

Quality is our highest concern, utilizing standard practices for corrective and preventative actions, root cause analysis, and strong management support. Our system of continual improvement has helped us maintain customer loyalty since our inception.